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With Halloween approaching, you may want to form a plan to protect your ghouls’ and ghosts’ teeth from cavities. The candies in their Halloween bucket contain sugars that could harm their teeth. We’re not saying that you should not let your child eat Halloween candy, but we are saying that not all candies are created equal. When your children come back from trick-or-treating, sort through the spoils and remove those that are especially dangerous to the teeth.

Hard Candy
Although candy generally contains sugar that could potentially harm the teeth, some stays in the mouth for longer. This gives it more time to stick to the teeth and cause damage. Hard candies, for instance, dissolve in the mouth slowly over time, allowing the bacteria in the mouth more access to the sugar. Hard candy can also be harmful to the teeth if your little one can’t resist biting them. This habit could cause chipped or even broken teeth.

Chewy Candies
Chewy candies are especially prone to harm your child’s teeth as well. Chewy candy may taste delicious, but it will stay in your child’s mouth for a long time. These candies stick to the teeth, which provides bacteria with plenty to time to consume sugar and cause cavities.

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