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At Borgmeyer Dental in St Louis, Missouri, Drs. David and Augustine Borgmeyer and our team are pleased to offer our patients composite, or tooth-colored fillings, as well as amalgam (silver) fillings to repair minor to moderate damage in a tooth. Fillings can be done for teeth that have decay, are chipped or fractured. Once a tooth has been filled it may take a few hours to a few days for tooth sensitivity to diminish, but there are some things you can do while your tooth is adjusting to the new filling.

How to Prevent Sensitivity

— Biting down hard can make the tooth sore where the new filling was placed. It helps to chew on the other side of the mouth from the new filling, as well as chewing carefully in the beginning. Be sure to avoid biting down all the way until the anesthesia wears off, so that you don’t accidentally bite your tongue, cheek or lip while the area is still numb.

— Avoiding sticky and hard foods in the first few days after your filling will also help. This means holding off on sugary, sticky foods along with hard candy, nuts, granola bars, and raw vegetables like carrots.

— Chewing with your mouth open can cause tooth sensitivity as the cold air touches the newly filled tooth. If your newly restored tooth is sensitive at this time, you will also want to avoid hot or cold drinks until the sensitivity subsides.

At Borgmeyer Dental in St Louis, Missouri, we are happy to restore your damaged tooth with tooth-colored composite fillings, as well as amalgam, or silver, fillings. So if it is time for your next visit with one of our dedicated dentists, Drs. David and Augustine Borgmeyer, please give our caring team a call at 314-351-6554 today!