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Are you planning on treating yourself to additional sweets for the holiday season? If so, remember to be extra careful with snacks that can chip or crack your teeth, such as jumbo candy canes, peppermint bark, or peanut brittle, and popcorn balls with popcorn kernels.

However, you can safely enjoy sugarless gum. Sugarless gum has been shown in studies that with at least 20 minutes of chewing, it can effectively fight against cavities. The secret lies not in the gum, but rather the method your body uses to process the chewing. As you begin chewing, your body compensates for the additional stress on your mouth by creating additional saliva. The saliva has chemical properties that can fight against harmful bacteria and wash away leftover food residue.

Did you know that the acids in your esophagus and stomach can damage your teeth? Studies have shown that sugarless gum can help prevent heartburn, so chewing sugarless gum offers protection for your teeth and gums.

However, sugarless gum is not to be used in place of brushing or flossing. Proper oral health care habits such as daily brushing and flossing in combination with sugarless gum for those times when you can’t brush after snacking can be a powerful way to keep your pearly whites safe.

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