Dental X-rays are useful in helping our dentists diagnose dental issues that are hard to detect with the naked eye. Drs. David and Augustine Borgmeyer will decide how often to perform X-rays based on your oral health, your age, your risk for oral disease, and any signs of oral disease. Children often require more dental X-rays than adults because their teeth are still developing and need to be monitored more closely. Children from about age 6 to age 14 are more prone to cavities as well. Depending on your dental needs, our dentists may recommend X-rays in St Louis, Missouri.

Intraoral and extraoral are the main two types of X-rays. Intraoral X-rays are the most common type. These X-rays are taken with the film inside the mouth and provide a lot of detail. Intraoral X-rays allow our dentists to:

  • Find cavities
  • Check the health of tooth roots
  • Check the health of the bone surrounding a tooth
  • Check the condition of developing teeth
  • Monitor the health of your teeth and jawbone

With extraoral X-rays, the film is outside the mouth. These X-rays focus on the jaw and skull. These X-rays do not find cavities and many of the other problems found with intraoral X-rays, but are instead used to:

  • Locate impacted teeth
  • Monitor the growth of your jaws
  • Identify TMJ disorders or potential TMJ disorders

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