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Are you suffering from jaw and facial pain and are you aware of what is potentially causing it? Jaw and facial pain can continue to occur when you have discomfort in and around your ear, pain when biting down, headaches, or tenderness with your jaw. Unfortunately, several risks can lead to jaw and facial pain, so professional care will be needed to determine the exact cause of discomfort.

Due to the wide-ranging causes of jaw and facial pain, it is important to visit our dentistss to determine the exact cause of your pain. Common causes include oral accidents and injuries, arthritis, infections that may be present, a toothache, bruxism, gum disease, TMJ disorders, or sinus problems. If you have recently suffered from any of these problems or believe you may be vulnerable to them, visit our team to help make sure that you receive the treatments required to keep your oral health in good standing.

Various treatments can be administered by our team to help alleviate discomfort associated with jaw and facial pain. Everything from exercises for your mouth and jaw, to mouth protectors, muscle relaxants, root canal therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, gum disease treatments and tooth extractions can be beneficial for your oral health.

Our team at Borgmeyer Dental focuses on a selection of jaw and facial pain treatments to keep your oral health in good standing. If you would like an x-ray from Dr. David Borgmeyer and Dr. Augustine Borgmeyer to look for signs of jaw and facial pain, please schedule an appointment by calling us at 314-351-6554 to come see us at our dental office in St. Louis, Missouri.