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Did you know that people of the ancient past rarely had cavities or any dental health problems? And yet, they didn’t brush their teeth, have fluoride products, or the massive dental health industry that we do today. So what gives?

More than likely, you’re engaged in a daily dental hygiene ritual that has become so traditional that you hardly think about it. You brush your teeth every morning. You probably floss, and you might even use mouthwash. In modern times, dental hygiene is second nature. We have straighter, more beautiful teeth, yet we actually have weaker, less healthy teeth than our ancestors.

Archaeologists and anthropologists say that it probably all started when we went from hunter-gatherers to farmers. Our diet shifted from meat, nuts, and vegetables to grains and sugars. This posed problems in our mouths by changing the mouth bacteria, making it more detrimental to the teeth. Plus, the all-natural diet of early man was much better for their teeth. Our modern meddling with today’s food makes it is completely different from our ancestors. Almost everything we put into our bodies these days is genetically altered and processed. It has additives, preservatives, sugars, and chemicals that early man’s food did not. They only ate foods that contained the pure, untampered nutrients and vitamins that were grown and eaten in season. Our intake of fiber has also decreased. Whereas early man ate enough fiber that it acted somewhat like a toothbrush, cleaning the teeth and absorbing harmful acids, sugars, and bacteria.

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