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If you share a bed with someone who snores every night, this can be a frequent irritation that causes you to have poor sleep and strains your relationship. It can also be the result of an undiagnosed medical condition. We are pleased to offer custom snoring treatment to address the source and help you and your partner have better sleep.

Snoring can occur when an airway collapses and restricts adequate air flow, causing the soft palate and inner throat linings to vibrate. A habit of snoring is not just irritating to listen to, but can also cause negative effects for all who suffer poor sleep as a result. Common side effects of snoring include difficulty concentrating or learning, poor memory, irritability, low sex drive, fatigue and depression. Poor sleep is also a factor in weight gain, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular concerns.

Many people attempt to remedy snoring simply by adjusting their sleep posture. While this can fix the issue in some cases, it doesn’t cure other causes of snoring. This habit can develop from several factors, including alcohol consumption, allergies, taking sedatives or having a jaw that is too small. We encourage you to not delay seeking treatment for snoring because it may be the result of a sleep apnea, which is a medical disorder that can cause additional symptoms and may not be recognized without the help of a dental professional.

We invite you to learn your options for custom snoring treatment to enhance quality of life. This can include wearing a custom-made orthopedic oral appliance every night and addressing issues such as sleep apnea and TMJ problems.

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