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Did you know that the health of your entire body is connected to the health of your teeth and gums? Similarly, did you know that there are signs you can notice when something is wrong? For example, the color of your tongue can be an indicator of your oral health.

For example, have you heard of a condition called leukoplakia? While leukoplakia itself isn’t too serious by itself, it can indicate that cancer is present or forming. One of the symptoms of leukoplakia is a white tongue. Similarly, if you are suffering from a yeast infection known as thrush, your tongue could turn white. You can easily deal with oral thrush by eating plain yogurt or by taking certain medications as well.

If you find that your tongue has turned a bright red or pink color, you may be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. The most common deficiency associated with this symptom is a B-12 deficiency, which can be fixed with over the counter medications. However, if the bright tongue is accompanied by a fever, you could be suffering from scarlet fever. A child with this symptom could be dealing with Kawasaki syndrome.

Similarly, would you be surprised to learn that your tongue can also turn black? In reality, it could look like black hair strands are growing on top of your tongue. This harmless condition is known as black hairy tongue. All you need to do to address this issue is keep up a consistent oral hygiene regimen.

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