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Do you know how to deal with a dental emergency? Do you know what makes a dental emergency? There are a few issues you should know about regarding dental emergencies—and a few steps you can take to address these emergencies.

Would you be interested in learning that losing a tooth or having a tooth fall out is considered a dental emergency? However, if you’re able to visit our team within an hour, we might be able to save the tooth. Still, please remember to bring your tooth to our dental office when you visit us. In general, we recommend placing the fallen out tooth in a glass of milk as this will help it stay alive. Similarly, you should try to avoid handling the tooth by its roots. If your tooth has broken into pieces, please gather as many as you can and put them in milk as well. It’s also important to remember that you should contact our dental team if you lose a filling or if you injure your jaw.

Lastly, did you know having a toothache can actually be a sign of a dental emergency? While a toothache may not seem like a serious dental problem, it could be indicative of more severe issues. In fact, if your tooth aches for more than 24 hours, or if your toothache is unbearable, we suggest calling us a soon as you possibly can.  For temporary relief, you could use store-bought painkillers.

Do you have more questions about coping with a dental emergency in St. Louis, Missouri? Would you like to schedule a checkup with our dentist, Dr. David J. Borgmeyer and Augustine Borgmeyer? If so, please give Borgmeyer Dental at 314-351-6554 a call. We’re eager to hear from you.