Where Your Toothbrush Came From

Have you ever thought about where your toothbrush originated from? Or how it came to be what it is today? You’re in luck because today we are going to give you some interesting facts behind the history of the toothbrush. 1. Back nearly 5,000 years ago, the early Egyptians would brush their teeth using a… Read more »

Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder

If you’re wondering how you can treat your TMJ disorder, look no further! Our staff is going to give you some of the more common treatment options that are practiced by many who have TMD. Home Treatments Taking over-the-counter medications can help relieve any muscle pain or swelling you are experiencing. Consider applying an ice… Read more »

5 Activities That Will Make Brushing Fun

If you are one who wishes that your child could enjoy brushing their teeth rather than despise it, we have five ways to help you! If you try one or more of the following things, your child might begin to love brushing their teeth: No. 1: Make it a family activity Make brushing your teeth… Read more »

5 Things You Should Know About Dental X-Rays

Taking an x-ray of your mouth is a common practice completed when you visit the dentist’s office. Learn a little more about the purpose and workings of dental x-rays today with these five facts. Dental x-rays can help protect your oral health by showing parts of your mouth the dentist cannot see. X-rays can show… Read more »

Chipped Tooth? A Dental Bonding Can Help

Dental Bonding A dental bonding is a composite resin that is attached to tooth enamel. It is used to make small cosmetic changes in the mouth, covering teeth that are chipped, stained, spaced apart, or misshapen. A bonding can even be used to fill cavities or protect tooth roots which have been exposed because of… Read more »