Gum Disease: Know What to Look For

When inspecting your mouth for signs of gum disease, do you know what to look for? Does it appear your teeth are growing longer or your gums are becoming brighter with color? If you have not been caring for them with the right amount of care, it is possible you are beginning to experience signs… Read more »

The Dental Veneers Quiz

Although many cosmetic dentistry treatments can typically mimic the look of natural teeth, dental veneers may do it best. Dental veneers are so effective, that even many celebrities have been known to use them to improve the look of their smile. If you are looking for a perfect smile, dental veneers may be your best… Read more »

Dealing with Dental Emergencies

Do you know how to deal with a dental emergency? Do you know what makes a dental emergency? There are a few issues you should know about regarding dental emergencies—and a few steps you can take to address these emergencies. Would you be interested in learning that losing a tooth or having a tooth fall… Read more »

Gum Disease: The Smile’s No. 1 Enemy

Gum disease is one of the worst dental issues in the world, along with tooth decay. This is why it’s important to know all you can about this disease so you can better understand it and you can also prevent it. So, to help you, our dental team would like to explain the two different… Read more »

Do You Have Tongue Discoloration? We Can Help!

Did you know that the health of your entire body is connected to the health of your teeth and gums? Similarly, did you know that there are signs you can notice when something is wrong? For example, the color of your tongue can be an indicator of your oral health. For example, have you heard… Read more »

A Tooth with a Bad Filling Suffering New Decay May Need a Crown

At , Drs. Borgmeyer and Borgmeyer often use a filling to repair a modest-sized cavity. Unfortunately, time and inconsistencies in oral hygiene can allow the bacteria living in your mouth to exploit the bond between the filling and the surrounding enamel. If it isn’t caught and treated early, the bad filling can harbor a new… Read more »

Top Tips for Toothbrush Upkeep

Toothbrush upkeep means always keeping your toothbrush in good, clean working condition. Always be sure to upgrade or replace your toothbrushes as necessary and never leave a used one lying around in a potentially compromising position in which it could collect germs. The more effort you give to caring for your toothbrush, the much more… Read more »

The ADA Dentist Standard

Drs. Borgmeyer and Borgmeryer are proud to be a member of the American Dental Association. Our patients truly appreciate the patient-first promise that they and other ADA dentists made as part of the association’s code of ethics. When a dentist joins the ADA, he or she makes five pledges in the ADA Principles of Ethics… Read more »

Sugarless Gum 101

Are you planning on treating yourself to additional sweets for the holiday season? If so, remember to be extra careful with snacks that can chip or crack your teeth, such as jumbo candy canes, peppermint bark, or peanut brittle, and popcorn balls with popcorn kernels. However, you can safely enjoy sugarless gum. Sugarless gum has been shown… Read more »

Are Root Canals Ever Necessary?

Root canals are often the stuff of dental nightmares. No one seems to ever want one, and even if you’ve never had one done you likely know someone who has. Yet for all the fear surrounding root canals, very few people actually know why they’re used and what the process entails. To help clear the… Read more »