Mouthguards Protect Your Teeth

Unfortunately, most sports do not require mouthguards for safe play. Yet, so much pain and suffering would be alleviated if more did. Everyone should agree that protecting the teeth and keeping them where they belong, in the mouth, is the happiest outcome. The most common injuries that happen to those who don’t wear mouthguards are… Read more »

The Reasons Why Dental Checkups Are Important

If you’re curious to know why dental checkups are important, then our dentists, Drs. Borgmeyer and Borgmeyer, are happy to help you. Dental checkups are vital for a strong and successful oral health and smile. To help you understand why, they are happy to list the reasons here: -Dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar from… Read more »

A Dental Filling Might Be Able to Treat a Minor Case of Tooth Decay

Dental caries occurs when bacterial deposits and chronic plaque acids are not eliminated from your mouth on a consistent basis. This is often related to a deficiency in technique or execution of your daily oral hygiene routine. Initial signs that one of your teeth has started to suffer from tooth decay might include a noticeable… Read more »

Information About Dental Anxiety Treatments

If you have any fears or worries about visiting your dentist, never be afraid to speak with your dentist about them. What you are suffering is commonly known as dental anxiety and is a condition in that can be treated. If you wish to dismiss your concerns associated with your dental anxiety, speak with your… Read more »

What’s the Connection Between Heart Disease and Oral Health?

According to the American Heart Association, there is a connection between gum disease and heart disease. It hasn’t been established that your brushing and flossing habits or treating gum disease actually lowers the occurrence of heart disease, or how badly the arteries are narrowed (also known as atherosclerosis) which leads to having a heart attack… Read more »

If a Tooth Suffers from a Small Cavity, It Might Be Treated With a Dental Filling

Brushing your teeth every morning and night as well a thoroughly flossing your teeth once per day is essential for removing residual food matter and plaque from your mouth. If these bacterial deposits are not removed from the contours of your teeth on a daily basis, they can quickly contribute to problems with tooth decay… Read more »

Dental Crowns Can Give You the Strong, Healthy Tooth You Need

A dental crown is a strong dental restoration that helps fix a worn-down, broken, severely decayed, oddly shaped, or a chipped tooth. It is a prosthetic device that is cemented onto the tooth and replaces the enamel. With the help of this restoration, you can restore the health and function of your chomper. Our dentist,… Read more »

How Do You Know the Difference Between a Canker Sore or Cold Sore?

Any type of mouth sore around or in the mouth can be painful and may even be a potential indicator of a serious condition. A number of patients have mixed up cold sores and canker sores, so wants to help you know the differences between cold sores and canker sores, so you can get the… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile & Halloween Candy

With Halloween approaching, you may want to form a plan to protect your ghouls’ and ghosts’ teeth from cavities. The candies in their Halloween bucket contain sugars that could harm their teeth. We’re not saying that you should not let your child eat Halloween candy, but we are saying that not all candies are created… Read more »

The Things to Do If a Disaster Strikes and You Can’t Contact Your Dentist

Sometimes your dentist can’t be contacted, and one of those times is when a natural disaster strikes. Although this situation is rare, it’s still important to know what to do if it does happen. Oftentimes you won’t need to see your dentist, but there are times when visiting is necessary. So, to help you know… Read more »