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Are you suffering from a toothache and are unsure that they are even present? You may be having pain in your mouth but are simply dismissing it when you should be caring for it immediately. If toothaches are left untreated, they can lead to serious infections that extend beyond a tooth and into the surrounding tissues and jawbone. Visit your dentist if you suspect that you are suffering from a toothache.

If you find yourself suffering from pain after taking over-the-counter medications, it may be that the medications are not strong enough to eliminate the pain. However, it could also be linked to a serious infection such as a toothache. Furthermore, if you have had a tooth pulled and you continue to feel pain up to 24 hours after the extraction, a toothache may be the cause. Other common symptoms of toothaches include oral inflammation, swelling of your face, the presence of an abscess and noticeable discharge around a tooth.

Several other forms of toothache symptoms can arise due to the presence of other oral health disorders. If you have suffered any damage to your TMJs, which affects the joints within your jaw, it can lead to toothaches. Furthermore, oral accidents associated with teeth that have been knocked out are known risk factors and causes for toothaches. If you notice the presence of any facial rashes, high fevers or chills, it could be linked to an underlying condition such as a toothache.

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