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Severe tooth decay on multiple teeth and advanced gum disease can seriously compromise the full function of your mouth. This can have a negative impact on your ability to chew your food, as well as speak clearly. For some people the most effective way to restore the full function of their mouth is to be fitted for a set of dentures.

Dentures, sometimes known as false teeth are essentially a removable set of teeth, that has been set into a material that mimics the appearance of your natural gums. Some people might only need dentures in their lower or upper jaw.

Even though some of the teeth in your mouth might still be healthy and strong, your dentist might still recommend extraction. This will allow the dentures to seat firmly along the gums.

Before the extraction the periodontist or oral surgeon will take some X-rays to get a better understanding of your underlying jaw structure. If you have enough healthy bone structure in your jaw, you could be a candidate for denture implant anchors.

To fit you for a pair of dentures they will take an impression of the area. This is sent to a dental lab that creates your permanent dentures.

Many people apply denture adhesive for firm hold and to help block food particles from getting between the gums and dentures.

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