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Root canals are often the stuff of dental nightmares. No one seems to ever want one, and even if you’ve never had one done you likely know someone who has. Yet for all the fear surrounding root canals, very few people actually know why they’re used and what the process entails.
To help clear the air on the matter, our team here at Borgmeyer Dental in St. Louis, Missouri, put this post together.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure where Dr. David J. Borgmeyer and Augustine Borgmeyer has to remove the top part of your tooth (the crown) and then remove the living bundle of nerves and blood vessels inside your teeth – the pulp. Now, they may not have to remove all the pulp, but they will have to take out what’s infected. Root canals are used to combat tooth infections.

Why would I need one?

Root canals are needed when you end up with an infected tooth. A tooth infection can result from cavities, poor oral hygiene, or an abscess. Regardless of how a tooth becomes infected, the truth is that you’ll need a root canal if you let it go past the point where other preventative measures could have stopped it.

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