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Dental caries occurs when bacterial deposits and chronic plaque acids are not eliminated from your mouth on a consistent basis. This is often related to a deficiency in technique or execution of your daily oral hygiene routine.

Initial signs that one of your teeth has started to suffer from tooth decay might include a noticeable change in the surface texture of the tooth, as well as general discomfort, and increased sensitivity. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms with one of your teeth, it’s best to schedule an appointment at Borgmeyer Dental’s dental office.

If it’s cause early Dr. David J. Borgmeyer and Augustine Borgmeyer and their associates might be able to treat a minor case of tooth decay by removing any decayed tooth enamel and applying a dental filling.

If the area of tooth decay is localized on a molar or premolar in the back of your mouth they might be able to repair it an amalgam dental filling. This is a special metallic blend that has the durability to withstand the constant rigors of chewing and grinding.

If the eventual dental filling will be prevalent in your smile they might use a composite dental filling. This material is created from a special type of dental plastic that can be shaded to seamlessly match the surrounding tooth enamel.

If you live in the St. Louis, Missouri, area and you suspect a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should call 314-351-6554 to have it examined and treated at Borgmeyer Dental.