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Taking an x-ray of your mouth is a common practice completed when you visit the dentist’s office. Learn a little more about the purpose and workings of dental x-rays today with these five facts.

  1. Dental x-rays can help protect your oral health by showing parts of your mouth the dentist cannot see. X-rays can show cavities under the tooth enamel, bone loss, impacted teeth, cysts, and tumors.
  2. X-rays work by sending beams of energy to the body. These are absorbed by dense materials like bone and teeth, which appear white on the image. Softer tissues like the gums show up as dark areas in contrast.
  3. A dental x-ray puts out a very low amount of radiation, so the chances that you will come to harm because of it are minimal. You dentist will also provide you with a lead apron to further reduce the radiation to your body.
  4. X-rays are safe to have when you are pregnant. Just be sure to inform your dentist that you are pregnant and wear the lead apron to protect your body.
  5. It is recommended that those who are more susceptible to tooth decay and other oral health problems get dental x-rays done regularly. These individuals include children and those with a dry mouth, gum disease, or a lot of restorative dental work.